What Should You Expect When Visiting?

We invite you to come as you are or however you feel comfortable. On a typical Sunday some will be dressed in jeans and t-shirts while others may wear business attire. If you own a Bible, bring it with you. If you don't have one, we would love to give you one. Our pastor uses, and all Scripture readings are from, the English Standard Version of the Bible but feel free to use one you are comfortable with.

Our church seeks to conform our worship in accordance with Scripture. In light of that, you will find that the Pastor and Worship Leader select both older and newer hymns/worship music that teaches sound doctrine, with focus given to the exaltation of Christ, man's sinfulness, God's sovereign grace, and His lasting promises and love for His covenantal people.

We also read passages of Scripture throughout our services, which is encouraged in the apostle Paul's letters (ex. 1 Tim 4:14) and was practiced throughout the early church. We usually have one Old Testament passage, one Psalm, and one New Testament passage read; each by a member of the congregation.

And finally, you will find that the main diet of the preaching is primarily expository preaching. This means that the pastor/elder (and others that preach) will preach the purpose and meaning of the passage. Included in this practice is the preaching through books of the Bible, meaning. This not only assists in seeing the whole purpose and context of the book, but also teaches the congregation about how Scripture should be read. It is God's Word that convicts us, renews, us, and ultimately brings us life through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the preaching of God's Word is central to our morning service.